The EastHaven Program

Recovery Program

Program Standards

Standard 1: Relapse Prevention – To remain sober resulting in a healthy, meaningful life.
  • Helping Others – “We help ourselves by helping others and living unselfishly.”
  • Community Support – Building a supportive community to improve positive resources.
  • Relationships – Repair and establish positive relationships that will aide in recovery.
  • Housing – Create a supportive living environment to maintain and carry on the progress gained at EastHaven.
  • Identify Relapse Triggers – Make healthy decisions in difficult situations.

Standard 2: Employment – To acquire and build the skills necessary to obtain/maintain employment to become self supporting.

Standard 3: Social Skills – To learn how act and respond appropriately to any expected and unexpected events throughout the day.
  • Thoughts & Feelings – Identify thoughts and feelings to understand appropriate responses / strategies to effectively cope.
  • Communication – Learn appropriate communication techniques.
  • Following Rules – Learn responsibility and accountability.
  • Living skills – Living in a healthy environment to build self esteem and respect EastHaven, others and themselves.
  • Coping skills – Learn how to appropriately respond to difficult situations.
  • Standard: 4 Wellness – To implore a healthy mind, body and spirit to aide in recovery.
  • Medication Management – Take medications as prescribed.
  • Physical Health – To maintain a strong independent healthy lifestyle.
  • Mental Health – To maintain a strong independent healthy lifestyle.
  • Diversity – To demonstrate respect and empathy towards others.
  • Standard 5: Structured Activities – To cope with boredom and possess the ability to manage multiple daily activities.
  • Sober Activities – Filling leisure time with enjoyable activities, which will strengthen sobriety.
  • Time Management – Effectively manage daily activities to diminish stress, and promote an active lifestyle.
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    Copyright © 2021 EastHaven Halfway House
    All rights reserved.

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