Need to Know

Sobriety, communication, and a safe/sober living environment.

The desire and work ethic to lead a life free of alcohol and drugs.

Optional items also include…

  • Transportation (vehicle, bike)
  • Cell phone or long distance calling cards
  • Books
  • TV, DVD player, Radio, etc. (although your roommates may already have them!)
  • Twin bed sheets and a pillow (if not, EastHaven can provide these)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Hangers
  • 2 forms of Identification (to help apply for jobs/volunteering/school/etc.)

A $50 gift card to Cash Wise Foods is provided to every client, each week for the purchasing of groceries and personal hygiene products.

Yes. We expect that cell phones are turned off prior to group and individual sessions as a sign of respect for the rest of the group/counselor.

NO.  The controlled substances policy is reviewed with each client at intake.

No.  Clients are strongly encouraged to “hit the ground running” and not waste time during any point of their stay.  It is expected that all clients create structure in their daily schedule including work/volunteering.

The Alano Club is just up the road from EastHaven and there are multiple NA meetings around town.  There are over 50 outside meetings each week in Saint Cloud!

Eventually.  Three clients share a double bedroom apartment.  The client with seniority receives the single bedroom.

No, but EastHaven has a membership with a local gym for the clients of EastHaven to utilize while they are participating within the EastHaven Program.

EastHaven does not provide transportation, however, EastHaven is located on the St. Cloud Metro Bus System route, which serves all of St. Cloud and surrounding areas. There is also a free travel training, facilitated by Metro Bus for all EastHaven Clients.  There is a bike rack on site for bicycles.  Clients can drive if they submit a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Clients who are on “Regular Status” within the EastHaven program will be able to request a weekend pass to work on treatment plan goals outside of the program. The approval of the pass request will depend upon the client meeting program expectations and obtaining approval of the pass request from their service personnel.

Yes.  Visiting hours are between the hours of noon – 5pm every day.

Yes, however EastHaven does not supply wi-fi and clients must complete their intro project before they can use them on site.  The McDonald’s up the road does have free wi-fi.

Clients will be assigned a weekly individual session with their counselor and case manager within the EastHaven program. Clients will also be assigned either a morning or evening group therapy schedule consisting of daily meditation group, relapse prevention groups, coping skills groups, etc. each week. This group schedule may vary depending upon conflicting employment and educational schedules.

Multiple.  St. Cloud has an adult basic education program for those who wish to attain their GED, a technical community college, and a state university.  Many clients have enrolled and furthered their education while residing at EastHaven.

Sixty to ninety days on average.  Extensions are dependent on achieving treatment related goals.  

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Copyright © 2021 EastHaven Halfway House
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