EastHaven Halfway House

Admission Requirements

Clients admitted into the program must meet all of the following criteria:
1. Males aged 18 years old to 89 years old who are diagnosed with substance use disorders according to the DSM IV, and:
*Have successfully completed a licensed CD inpatient treatment program, or:            
*Are attending a licensed outpatient CD treatment program, and
*Who posses and demonstrate the motivation to achieve long term sobriety.
2. Individuals who have the mental capabilities and emotional stability to understand and follow all program rules, policies, and expectations as well as the abilities to function appropriately in an independent living environment, according to the philosophy of EastHaven’s program structure.
3. Individuals who meet the criteria for appropriate funding for the EastHaven program, often do so through either the consolidated chemical dependency treatment fund and/or individual insurance health care plans.
4. Individuals, who are able to speak, hear and understand English as their primary language.
5. EastHaven is handicap/wheelchair adaptable.
6. Provide collateral contact information paperwork including, but not limited to the Chemical Use Assessment, Placement Summary Form, and/or a Client Placement Authorization (if applicable).
7. Any and all inquiries regarding the admission criteria and bed availability, please contact EastHaven at 320.202.7881